To Dream the Impossible Dream…

I understand that the market for children’s music is not what it used to be when I was growing up, but I firmly believe that there’s still room for it. Here, then, is my ultimate goal in life.

Brian the Big Kid

It has been said at one point or another “anything is possible”.

It has also been said that “your dreams are what you make of it”.

A line from a famous song declared that “if your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme”.

Where am I going with those?  Just this: everyone has a dream.  To fulfill their lives with something that they’ve so long wanting to do.  To be able to share their talents with the world.  To help others see their potential and inspire them along the way.

Such is the case with myself.  The only problem in this case is this particular dream is considered unorthodox in the digital age.

My lifelong dream is to create a line of children’s records.

(Cue the sound effects of crickets chirping, followed by a crowd bursting with laughter)

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: why?  Children’s music…

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