Allow Me to Introduce Myself

As my blog name implies, I really am a big kid. I would have named myself “young at heart” but the name was already taken.

My name is Brian. I’m 43, I live in Northern Virginia, and I love writing and listening to children’s stories and music. For the most part, I’ve been writing children’s stories nearly all my life, and one can say that I’ve been greatly influenced by a great many number of writers like Dr. Seuss, Syd Hoff, and J.K. Rowling (that is, if one knows me at all), and artists…well, there’s a lot to mention, but I’ll talk about at least two who have been highly influential in my later blogs.

As for children’s music, well, that’s a long story too, and I’ll tell that one in my next blog. It’s an interesting story to be sure, so stay tuned, as they used to say in the good era of television. :>)


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